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Tecno Camon 19 Pro - A Idealize Camera phone with RGBW Technology

Oct 04, 2022 Administrator News 85 hits

Tecno Camon 19 Pro - A Idealize Camera phone with RGBW Technology

What is RBGW Technology and How Does It Work?

Considering Camon is TECNO's well-known Camera series, this new model, Camon 19 Pro features a special RGBW sensor featuring a white sub-pixel to the existing RGB array. The white pixel facilitates the ability of sensors to pick up light, resulting in more clear and more vibrant low-light snaps and videos. It promises to have less critical sharpness in dim light and slightly better-balanced colors. This enables the newest Camon 19 Pro to compete with professional cameras, especially in low-light and places with high light sensitivity. These advanced sensors capture photos with the results, closest to how the human eye process vision.

How RBGW (G+P) is Different from RBG Sensors?

In comparison to a conventional RGB sensor, the white sub-pixel will enable the sensor to detect 60% more of the incident light. Additionally, TECNO utilizes a more expensive but superior Glass+ Plastic lens assembly, which transmits 30% more light to the sensors than an all-plastic lens. The overall smoothness of the image result will be more transparent, with improved brightness, noise reduction, and clarity to enhance minute details.

HOW will RGBW G+P improve the Camon 19 Pro Camera?

RGBW technology provides the widest range of options for creating low-light or nighttime videos by swapping out one green pixel for a W (White) pixel. It enhances the amount of white light used while creating images. Camon 19 Pro has opened up new dimensions for incredible photography shots, specifically in dim lights. The 64MP main camera of the Camon 19 Pro features advanced RGBW (G+P) technologies. The RGBW sensor alters pixel orientations to generate images that are brighter, smoother, and more dynamic, primarily in low light conditions.


Tecno Camon 19 Pro Price in Pakistan & Specs

This year, TECNO has delivered some of the most advanced technological gadgets from its Camon range in Pakistan. The release of Camon 19 Neo was a huge success in Pakistan. It was well- received by the TECNO fans who are now anxiously waiting for the launch of RGWB Technology smartphones. With Camon 19 Pro launch, this advanced technology is now available all across the country. It will herald the commencement of a new era in Pakistan. For more information, hang tight and follow TECNO's main social media channels.

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